PROMETHEUS™ series reinvents the way cuff links fasten french cuffs. 

COLLATERALS’ Prometheus collection boasts a unique, patent-pending design which showcases an intelligent dual-action fold-able locking system, creating a unique, functional and innovative fastening cuff-link, eliminating loose, baggy cuffs. Made from high-grade Japanese stainless steel PROMETHEUS has been brought to life by some of the best precision machine technicians in the field. 









The Collaterals Men

March 27, 2013

  The COLLATERALS man is confident, determined and commands attention in every facet of his life. He represents strength in today’s modern world and is in pursuit of life’s innovative luxuries. Whether he wears a power suit, is a stylish Dandy, or a well-dress professional, COLLATERALS knows that self-expression through fashion plays a role in his life and has something for everyone.   Continue Reading →